The Air Force Resurrects Another B-52 From the Boneyard

“Wise Guy” is only the second B-52 brought back from retirement to flying status.

Source: The Air Force Resurrects Another B-52 From the Boneyard

The U.S. Air Force has returned a B-52 bomber retired eleven years ago to active duty service, only the second time in history that has happened. The bomber, nicknamed “Wise Guy,” was brought out of storage at the aircraft “Boneyard” in Arizona, refurbished, and returned to service at Barksdale, Louisiana. The bomber could easily spend another two or three decades on active duty.

“Wise Guy”, a B-52H bomber, was retired in 2008 and sent to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monathan Air Force Base in Arizona. The facility, known as “the Boneyard”, is home to over 4,000 military aircraft in various states of storage. The hot, dry air of the southwestern desert prevents stored aircraft from developing rust or other corrosion issues. Some aircraft are stored for quick recall, while others are in pieces and slowly stripped of parts to support active duty planes.

Wise Guy was stored for a relatively quick return to service if needed. The War Zone blog states that the bomber will replace a B-52H that crashed and burned in 2015 at Andersen Air Force Base, on the island of Guam. Bringing the bomber back from Arizona will boost the B-52 fleet back to the desired number of 76 aircraft.

According to a local Baton Rouge, Louisiana news report, the bomber is destined for the 307th Bomb Wing, an Air Force Reserve unit that flies both the B-1B and B-52 bombers.

Not all B-52s are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, but it appears Wise Guy will operate in the nuclear role. The report states that the 307th includes “nuclear certified combat squadrons”, and the B-1B no longer carries nuclear weapons. A recent Federation of American Scientists report says the B-52H no longer carries nuclear gravity bombs but still carries the Air Launched Cruise Missile armed with the W80-1 thermonuclear warhead. The W80-1 has a variable yield of 5 or 150 kilotons’ explosive force.

According to The War Zone the bomber was flown back from Arizona to Louisiana with the same MT tail code that it had when retired in Minot Air Force Base in 2008. The aircraft missed some upgrades in the eleven years it has been out of service and will need to be brought to the latest configuration before going back onto active duty. The bomber also sported some graffiti left behind by the previous crew or maintainers when the giant bomber was retired.

“Wise Guy” is only the second B-52H ever brought back into service, with “Ghost Rider” leaving the Boneyard and joining the 307th Wing in 2015. An estimated dozen or so B-52Hs remain in Arizona, ready for re-enlistment if necessary.

The transcript of the pilots talking through their creation of ‘sky dong’ is even better than their drawing – Task & Purpose

The investigation, thankfully, included the in-flight conversation from a video recording system in the aircraft, and it is absolutely hilarious.

Source: The transcript of the pilots talking through their creation of ‘sky dong’ is even better than their drawing – Task & Purpose

Project Azorian: Stealing a Sunken Soviet Sub | History | Smithsonian


Dave Loves History

The International Spy Museum details the audacious plan that involved a reclusive billionaire, a 618-foot-long ship, and a great deal of stealth

Source: Project Azorian: Stealing a Sunken Soviet Sub | History | Smithsonian

n a corner exhibit of the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., which opens this weekend, a submarine control panel, a swoopy-banged wig, detailed whiteprints and a chunk of manganese are on display. Together, they represent relics of a Cold War espionage mission so audacious, the museum’s curator, Vince Houghton, compares it to the heist from Ocean’s 11. This mission, codenamed Project Azorian, involved the C.I.A. commissioning the construction of a 600-foot ship to retrieve a sunken Soviet submarine from the ocean floor—all in complete secrecy. “I can’t imagine there’s another country in the world that would have thought, ‘We found a Soviet submarine, under [more than three miles] of water. Let’s go steal it,’ says…

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Swim Call! 75 years ago


USS Halford (DD-480). Men swimming from the ship, in the South Pacific, 8 May 1944.”

(NHHC: 80-G-256443)

A Fletcher-class destroyer, Halford was built by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and commissioned on 10 April 1943. Sailing straight for Guadalcanal, she was in the thick of the Pacific War and from Dec. 1943 to Sept 1945– just 22 months, she earned an impressive 13 battle stars. Decommissioned 15 May 1946, she went into mothballs at the ripe old age of three and was scrapped in 1970.

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Gave proof through the night… USS Francis Scott Key SSBN 657



I have some vague memories from an earlier age about the man who was credited with writing the National Anthem. I have even been to a number of the locations where he lived and where he wrote the famous verses that would someday become one of the most memorable songs of the country’s history. So it was interesting to read a more complex history of his life.

In the day and age we live with, I believe there would have been massive protests about the use of his name. His views on slavery were complicated but very much in line with the times in which he lived. A slave owner at one point in his life, he later went on to free those slaves and advocate against slavery while at the same time warning the country against the abolitionists. As I said, he was complicated.

On the other hand, he…

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Myths and Realities

In today’s politically charged atmosphere it is easier to just assume that whenever anybody “on the other side” says something – anything at all – it is automatically 100% wrong. Why? Because they are on the other side and we don’t like them. Therefore, whatever they say, even if it is as simple as “The sky is blue,” it gets spun and presented on our newsfeeds as “How insane is this? They said the sky is blue!”

And like dutiful myrmidons, we repost it and add our two cents worth (not having actually read it, of course, and the next thing you know we are arguing over the presentation rather than the initial issue, whatever it may be.

If all you read is Politically Right-side news, you might think that AOC said that the VA is the reincarnation of M*A*S*H’s “Best Care Anywhere” motto. You might think that she said that the VA’s healthcare system is perfect and that the reported problems with the system as “a myth.” no doubt if you saw that, you reposted it as proof that she is an insane leftist with no clue about anything.

Speaking as someone who is deeply engaged in the VA process right now, I think that if you actually listen to what she said, and not the spun, edited hyped up faux outrage, you might hear something different.

Of course, that would require you to think for yourself and not allow Sean Hannity to tell you what you think…

This Year’s Tax Cut Cost Some Gold Star Families Dearly |

The very idea that we – as a nation – would tax survivor benefits in the first place is nauseating to me. I’m sure that Congress will see the need to rectify this retroactively and put the well-being of those who are left behind by those who have given this nation their last breath ahead of unimportant things, right?


Military widows and widowers who put their benefits in their child’s name saw a significant spike in their taxes this year.

Source: This Year’s Tax Cut Cost Some Gold Star Families Dearly |