A few days ago while getting ready for the show about Sara Sanders, I ran a test Press Conference on my Facebook page. There I was asked two questions that I really want to answer, the first of which was: Did the years you spent assisting the homeless make you more compassionate or less?

Although many people who listen to me talk about the homeless would assume that I have become less compassionate towards them, the actual answer is neither more nor less. Why? Because for all those years the one thing I have realized is that nobody is really interested in addressing the real problem. All that is done is spending money on pretending to care solutions that make governments bigger and more expensive while doing nothing whatsoever for the actual homeless…


Speaking For the President

Recently it was announced that the Presidential Press Secretary, Sara Sanders, would be resigning from her position. On one political side, there is rejoicing tempered by the realization that they will automatically hate anybody who dares to stand in front of the White House Press Room without regard to any actual skills or personality. On the other side, there is also excitement as potential replacements are flung about on Social Media as a replacement that would please them.

The reality is that the Press Secretary, once a needed buffer between the President and the press, is no longer needed let alone meaningful. Press statements are not delivered under oath, so really, why bother at all?

Caveat Emptor

To his dying day, my Grandfather always told me that the thing that most embarrassed him was that as a kid, his mother had joined a family of Carni’s and sold “Patent Medicine.” Promising miracle and selling that promise to sheeple is nothing new in America. No matter how many times we say “caveat emptor,” or explain to people that if it’s too good to be true, it’s not, sheeple buy into the promises and sell themselves out, financially, emotionally and all too often, their liberty.

Like when a Presidential Candidate promises something that anybody with the brains of a head of cabbage knows cannot be true…

The famous FLAG DAY Show with Dave & John

The Good Old Days

Over the weekend, a Russian destroyer made a run at the USS Chancellorsville, nearly causing a collision between the two ships. This has much of the world in a tizzy, but the reality is that once upon a time this was a fairly common occurrence. If not common, at least not something about which governments and news agencies got their knickers in a wad over.

But the whole thing, along with the return of the Peace Protestors to the gates of Bangor, has Dave reminisces about his own time during the Cold War aboard USS Michigan SSBN-727(G). It was an amazing experience in a beautiful place…

Do As I Say!

For years we have scoffed at those who purport to support the idea. Generally, they are either tyrannical dictatorial bureaucratic Stalinists; or they are poor misguided and ignorant souls who think that by professing a true belief in a bad idea that them to will virtue signal what great people they actually are and how much they care about the things you do not so would you please just follow what they say you should do?

What idea?

The same idea that has been tried before by those who practice hate, death, and destruction in the name of “helping.” You might think that the idea has been stomped into oblivion, proven wrong and clearly anti-religious.

You would be wrong…

Karma Chameleon

In an interview about his hit song, Karma Chameleon, Boy George explained that the song is about “[T]he fear of standing up for one thing. It’s about trying to suck up to everybody.”

Oddly enough, I had my first opportunity to see a real live chameleon up close and personal yesterday. Completely by accident. Nevertheless, I was both impressed and interested by the little creature. And I tried as hard as I could to get it to change color, but it just wasn’t going to indulge me at all. Just the opposite of a Karma Chameleon who won’t stand up for one thing and is always sucking up to everybody…

A Taxing Solution

One of the biggest drawbacks to history as a popular culture event is that we have long ago lost the connection to those folks who “were there” when it happened. Prince Charles hinted at this yesterday when speaking about it being the last real opportunity we (corporately) would have to really connect with the D-Day Veterans. That was a mere seventy-five years ago. What about events a hundred years on?

It is an article of faith in the Conservative movement that Income taxes are “wrong.” Originalists will point to Sections 8 and 9 of Article I of the Constitution and screech loudly that the “Framers never intended for there to be an income tax!” Others will claim that somehow or another the 16th Amendment wasn’t properly ratified or some such AHT to support their claim that Income Taxes are not just wrong, but a socialist conspiracy.

No, this is really the place to argue the political positions of those who favor an income tax, but we do need to look at two things. First, the methodology by which it happened and second, the rationale behind it from a constitutional perspective.

On June 16, 1909, the President of the United States delivered to Congress a message proposing legislation for consideration that he felt necessary and expedient (Article II Section 3). In his message, President Taft proposed an increased excise tax and at the same time proposed that Congress adopt a resolution to amend the Constitution and allow a direct tax as an income tax.

It’s a rather remarkable example of a man who disagreed with modern interpretations of things but was willing to handle it in the manner which the Framers set up to handle such things…