Atomic Bombs of Truth


In the wake of the recent spate of violence, or as Mayor Pete calls it, “the White Nationalist attack on our National Security,” a respected scientist and certainly no Conservative sent out a tweet. Because that’s what we do now.

Anyway, the tweet contained much truth. It was truth that nobody can deny nor can anybody really dispute it. So, naturally, the well-respected scientist and non-politically Conservative has been pummeled on Twitter.

Because… that’s what we do now…


Building Pyramids


It was an interesting and busy week. Now I am back and ready to get going. There are a few housekeeping things first.

You will notice that the show has switched to SOUNDCLOUD for the audio player. If you download the show via your podcast app, nothing should change. If it does, let me know (HERE) and I will see what went wrong. I believe that this move will give us better flexibility and reporting.

Next up, I was bemused by the Hal Turner Show’s faux outrage over how few people were “supporting” his show. I said this the other day and I say it again now, if you would like to support the show, I am fine with that. I have both Patreon and PayPal links available to assist you. But it will NEVER be a focal point and certainly not a hostage demand. There will NEVER be a charge of any kind to listen to this show or the podcast 99 Network. That said, if you’d like to shill your product or event, I’m sure that we can work something out!

It’s no big secret that I have a passion for ancient Egyptian history. I have long dreamed of standing before the Sphinx and asking him my question. and as much as I enjoy the history, there remains the eternal argument – how did they build all of this. The answer is simple: one brick at a time.

Today, there is a popular social idea of building pyramids to support one ideology or another. and the truth is that they are not built the same way the ancient Egyptians built theirs. Today’s “pyramids” are less about leaving a monument lasting 10,000 years and more about social engineering and control.

E Pluribus Historia

Kind of a “Free-For-All Show today. The show I had planned for today got pushed back a bit, so I could either not do a show at all, or I could shoot from the hip and drop as many shooting metaphors I can work into this and talk about whatever pops into my brain.

Which, as of this moment, is the reaction to the Mueller testimony.

Now look, I really meant what I said the other day, I could not possibly care less about the hearings. NOTHING will change because of them. Period. That said, I am absolutely enthralled by the reactions to the hearings, particularly from those who seem hell-bent on convincing me that the rules of Congressional procedures and the legal system laid down for us two hundred and thirty-two years ago would set aside all the basic principles that we live by and in the interest of “We don’t like him,” ask that I would nod my head and agree with them that “something must be done!”

On the other side of the coin are the Republican sycophants who – just a few days ago – were explaining to me that deficits don’t really matter.

And through all of this, my friend MILSURPWRITER, asks some really good questions about how we use history to our own advantage without much consideration as to whether it really applies or not…

Russian Pineapple

Unless you’ve been under a rock – and it’s entirely possible that you have been – you know about the two biggest issues facing the nation today. First, Robert Mueller is going to spend an aggregate total of five hours on Capitol Hill today not getting a chance to answer questions from Congress weasels who are genuinely interested in what he has to say and will in no, shape or form use the opportunity to grandstand on camera by asking hard, piercing questions designed to show why the Congress weasel in question should be President of the United States. Then they will smile and nod seriously at whatever few sentences he manages to get out before the next Congressweasel interrupts him.

The other question that is quite literally tearing this nation apart is whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

You think that I jest, but that just proves what you don’t know. The fact is that the United States Government took time away from preparing for Robert Mueller’s five-hour snooze fest to prepare a document that can only be described as a political bombshell. it turns out that the Russians, yes, the same exact Russians that Robert Mueller was supposed to have been investigating for interfering with our election turn out to have been busy with nefarious plans to divide this nation over the question of pineapple on pizza! Not only that, but it turns out that the godless, borscht loving, communistic, still flying the Soyuz capsule Russian enemies DO NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT WHAT IS ON OUR PIZZA! All they want is to divide us and make us argue among ourselves about the very fabric of our favorite not-really-Italian food.

And there will not be a single question from anybody in Congress about it today. Not. One.

But they’ll run to the microphones after the testimony to tell us how deeply they care about issues that Americans care about.

Yeah… right…

No It Isn’t! Yes It Is!

PRODUCERS NOTE: Much bad language in this. If bad words offend you, then don’t listen to it. – Producer Henri

Once upon a time – roughly 45 years ago – there were five siblings who drove each other batty by picking on each other and throwing tricycles down the stairs. Then one of them would call Mom and complain about being picked on. Of course, the one who called Mom always left out the part about throwing the tricycle at the others.

Then they grew up and one of them got a really bad perm. Because it was the 1980s.

And so now those boys are Dads and they watch as their own kids’ fight and argue. And they wonder why the children in Washington, D.C. continue to act like children hitting and yelling at each other and then calling mom and demanding that he other ones be punished…

Revolutionary Revisionism

A recent article from a borderline News site suggested that we would be ‘better off” if there had never been an American Revolution. Of course, the basic premise of his arguments violate Dave’s Rule Number One about history: you cannot impose your cultural values and behavior on another generation. To do so will always be wrong because you weren’t there and you do not understand or know why they did things the way the did.

In recent days though, it has become fashionable to ignore the written records that previous generations have left us for the sole purpose of imposing our cultural values and norms so that history will make us feel better. But that isn’t “history,” it’s pop psychology.

But since we appear to have some time, let’s talk about this idea that we would somehow or another been “better off” if we had simply acquiesced and bowed low to King George III…

Wilkes 45

Recently, a sitting member of Congress informed us that she was pretty upset about the people who are “making fun” of Congress members. She went on to say that she was demanding that those who dared mock her and other Congressweasels were to be hunted down by large dogs and bitten unless they stop it right this minute!

I’m kidding, of course. She didn’t really say anything about using the large dogs.

But she was quite serious and pompous about the fact that she has had it with people making fun of Congressweasles.

Ahem… Members of Congress.

It’s always a remarkable thing when our elected “representatives” seem to know less about the Constitution they take an oath to uphold and defend than say, a drunken gibbon. The gibbon, by the by, is not a member of the great apes, and – as far as I know – does not actually imbibe. Certainly not nearly as a much as most Congresspeople do*. 

What is even more remarkable is an astonishing archeological find this past week in North Carolina that reminds us – as if we needed it again – that criticizing and mocking our “leaders” is pretty much an American pastime, dating back to before there was the United States of America, complete with a Congress full of clowns and buffoons to be mocked in the first place…

*Sorry, that was a bit of sarcastic twitting on my part**.

**To “twit” is to be intentionally insulting. I learned this fact when reading about John Wilkes and his North Briton #45 Newsletter which was full of intentionally insulting barbs aimed at King George III, which is more or less the point of this entire episode. Which is why Frederica Wilson shut just STFU.