So let’s get right to it… the President says that any Jew who votes Democrat is “disloyal” or misinformed. Jewish leaders are outraged.

Based on my inbox, many of you are in agreement with the President.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?


Frames of Reference


In the middle of the 3rd take today, a great miracle happened there!

After rearranging the office and moving the desk, we sit down to talk about the idea that different people have different frames of reference. In reality, this is why people have different ideas of how to get where we all say we want to go. But it also a sticking point. If I cannot understand your frame of reference, or you cannot accept mine, then we are in for one bumpy ride and a great deal of disagreement.

Literally, Hitler


For several years now, I have followed a Page which follows the day-by-day events of World War II. Believe me, it is fascinating and it has been a learning experience. A couple of years back though, the writer of the page expanded to a new page – World War II 85 Years Ago, which covers the period from the late days of the Weimar Republic to the establishment of the Third Reich and all of the other things going on around it. Let me say, unequivocally, it is one of the most mesmerizing pieces of history that I have ever read.

We live in a world today where political opponents bludgeon each other with comparisons to the past. “Every One That I Disagree With Is Hitler” has become more than just a funny internet meme and a brilliant song. It has literally become much of the mindset of political discourse in this nation.

The problem is, of course, that virtually none of the people who hurl those quasi-history-based epithets at their opponents know anything about the history they are trying to use as a blunt force weapon. For the most part, their opponents don’t either. So instead of being able to deftly counter the accusation, they simply try to lob it back with the addition of a singular bit of historical fact that makes it sting in reverse. I’m rubber, you’re glue, bounced off of me and stuck to you!

In a world where the woke have decided that we cannot even make a reference to various evils throughout history, such as General Robert E. Lee, it’s okay for the woke to embrace the Nazi brand for their opponents. Nobody seems at all confused by this or even perplexed by its lack of logic.

We think that we have a firm grasp of the obvious and that we’re so much smarter than our forbearers. After all, goes the logic, they were slaveholders and Nazis, so they must be bad, right?

“There is always something to learn, even from your enemy,” said the Roman poet Ovid. But if all we (corporately) do is play the man and not the ball, how will we ever save ourselves from so many of the same mistakes that were made less than a century ago?

Expanding Pockets

Some days, the jokes just write themselves.

I read in Smithsonian Magazine that scientists have discovered a “new species’ of leech in the swamps around Washington, D.C. seriously, they really did. After the obvious punch lines, I actually read the article, not just the headline. After all of that, I am not sure that they really discovered something new or if there has been a serious instance of reverse evolution in the swamps around Washington, D.C.?

Inspirational Cat Posters


It probably started back in the Garden of Eden when the Serpent made his false claim about knowledge to Eve. It wasn’t what was said. She knew what he was talking about. It was who said it. G-d was ephemeral and unseen. The Serpent was real, you could touch it and see it. You could actually hear it. What the Serpent said seemed logical.

G-d said thou shalt not. But a little human nature goes a long way to explaining why it is that we chose to believe things that we know – or at least should know – aren’t so.

What is it that makes us want to believe nonsense? More than that, what is it that makes us judge something less by its content than by its creator? Think about this for just a second… can you name a single thing that some of these conspiracy theories in the last fifteen years were right about? Sean Hannity once told the Director of the CDC that he (the CDC Director) was “wrong,” and that the Ebola, brought to the US by Obama, was going to mutate and kill millions of Americans.

Yesterday we learned that Ebola, which never mutated and never killed a single American, is now a curable disease. Why are we seemingly more likely to listen to a Radio Chat Show Host than an actual doctor when it comes to an infectious disease? Why do we listen to Actresses instead of epidemiologists? Why do we reject some very good, sensible things because the person who said them is on our “I Don’t Like That Guy” list?

We’ve watched the blogosphere and Twitterverse meltdown over what we know MUST be true. Whenever somebody we don’t like points out the flaws in the thought process, we reject them. Not because we can’t or don’t want to debate or discuss the validity of the argument, but because we don’t like the person who said it.

Which brings me to my point for the day… if Jeffrey Epstein actually had ANYTHING on the Clintons, the Trumps, the British Royal Family or any politician you can name, he would NEVER have been in jail in the first place. Think about it.

Or, like a quote from somebody of whom you don’t personally approve, you can ignore it. Either way, the sun will set tonight and rise again tomorrow. 

Signed, Epstein’s Mother


Jeffery Epstein is dead.

We Americans have something of an odd streak when it comes to humor, especially so-called “dark humor.” Back in 2001, literally less than twenty-four hours after the events of 9-11, I heard the first 9-11 joke. It was tasteless. It was highly inappropriate. Most of all it was highly insensitive. But in an era when we as a society weren’t offended by everything that was ever uttered, it was also, very funny. I remember laughing at it, feeling horribly bad about it, laughing some more and then – this is still remarkable to me – just moving on.

With the much expected and the predicted demise of Mr. Epstein, the jokes and the gallows humor (ahem) have already made it around the world and back again. I’ll admit it, I laughed at some of them.

But many questions remain. The biggest of which is whether or not this is justice?



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