The First to Present His Case

Producers Notes: Dave is quite passionate today and uses more than his usual share of the “Sailor Language” for which he is so well known. If “bad” words offend you, then don’t listen. You have been warned.  – Producer Henri

In the Proverbs we read:

The first to present his case seems right
Till the other party examines him

Down in Florida, where more than statistically it should, “Duh-ness” seems to reign, a caller to a local Chat Show poured out some of the vilest and hate-filled anti-Semitic tropes and garbage that have ever flown across the airwaves. As they should have, quasi-local Jewish leaders objected. Letters have been written, an article published (which you can read HERE if you can slog your way through the ads and popup’s that the paper in question still hasn’t figured out nobody likes or even reads) and great hoopla made about demands that the Chat Show host MUST apologize or be fired.

The problem here should be obvious, but in the event that the “Duh” factor in Florida is too thick for common sense to penetrate, let’s take a walk through this whole thing, shall we?

The Original Broadcast of Bill Mick Live, August 13, 2019 Hour 3




So let’s get right to it… the President says that any Jew who votes Democrat is “disloyal” or misinformed. Jewish leaders are outraged.

Based on my inbox, many of you are in agreement with the President.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Karma Chameleon

In an interview about his hit song, Karma Chameleon, Boy George explained that the song is about “[T]he fear of standing up for one thing. It’s about trying to suck up to everybody.”

Oddly enough, I had my first opportunity to see a real live chameleon up close and personal yesterday. Completely by accident. Nevertheless, I was both impressed and interested by the little creature. And I tried as hard as I could to get it to change color, but it just wasn’t going to indulge me at all. Just the opposite of a Karma Chameleon who won’t stand up for one thing and is always sucking up to everybody…

National Honest Day

It’s “National Honesty Day.” Seriously, I did not make that up. we’ll review what one national magazine says are the top liars of all time, and then Dave will tell you what he honestly feels about the Poway Chabad Synagogue shooting.

Some of you will, no doubt, be offended. Tango Sierra.

On National Honesty Day, Dave is going to tell you how he feels about it, and frankly, my dear, nobody gives a damn about your “pretending to be offended feelings.”


Old Friends…

Every now and then I get to feeling like it’s November in my soul and I want to go out in the street and knock some peoples hats off. I can’t go to sea any more, even though I would in a heartbeat, so finding a nice way to make the sun shine sometimes is a more difficult problem than you might think.

And then an old friend – as old as any I have – pops up and says, “Hey, how ya doing?”

An hour passes and my soul feels like it’s April again.

Thank you very, very much!

The Porch

The first time I stepped up to this house, the porch made a certain sound. It has that Old-West Boardwalk kind of creak and thump to it.

I love that sound.

Before my hand touched the door, I knew that this was home.

I love to sit here and look at the trees, listen to the wind rustle the leaves. I sat here when it was snowing and just listened to the muted sounds. I listen every morning at 0800 to colors as the Flag is raised at the two bases within earshot, and later at sundown, we can catch the evening retreat. I love sitting here.

Today it just seemed even more needed than ever. Just a few minutes to get away from the noise, the babble, the anger and the constant barrage of the evil.

Coffee. Fog. Silence.

Much needed today…