The State of the Union Is…?

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I’ve made it clear that when people tell me what the believe, religiously speaking, I almost never believe them. That is doubly so when it happens to be a politician telling me about their faith. These are people who by nature, manipulate truth and speak in terms and phrases that are calculated to make it seem as they said exactly what you wanted to hear them say.

So whether it’s Donald Trump or Bill Clinton carrying a big black Bible into a church on a Sunday and the camera’s just “happen” to catch it, I am unimpressed and more likely as not you can count me among those who do not actually believe that the apparent religious awakening is real.

My main issue with people who have to tell me about their faith, and usually about somebody else’s faith is wrong, is that there almost never any reference to the actual authorities on said faith system.

My other question is simply this: How does a guy go to the top of politics in his State, knowing full well that he lives and works in a time when EVERYBODY in politics has their past examined with a microscope, become governor of a Southern State with nobody raising his past until he speaks out about his support of abortion? Within hours of saying – or mis-saying – whatever it is that he has interpreted his faith to mean about abortion, he’s in hot water for something that has literally been out there for more than thirty years.

So as divided as we are told we are each and every day, how is it that “The State of Our Union” can be “strong?”


The Porch

The first time I stepped up to this house, the porch made a certain sound. It has that Old-West Boardwalk kind of creak and thump to it.

I love that sound.

Before my hand touched the door, I knew that this was home.

I love to sit here and look at the trees, listen to the wind rustle the leaves. I sat here when it was snowing and just listened to the muted sounds. I listen every morning at 0800 to colors as the Flag is raised at the two bases within earshot, and later at sundown, we can catch the evening retreat. I love sitting here.

Today it just seemed even more needed than ever. Just a few minutes to get away from the noise, the babble, the anger and the constant barrage of the evil.

Coffee. Fog. Silence.

Much needed today…