I’m a Joker, I’m a Vaper

The latest flick from the completely out of ideas Hollywood is yet another Batman film about the Joker. Meanwhile, Vapers are hearing the joke is on them as governments around the nation threaten to ban their products. Well… kind of. After all, they don’t want to lose too much tax revenue…


The Wrong Lessons

According To Hoyt


Perhaps it’s being human, but we always seem to take the wrong lessons from wars or big events.

From World War I we took the idea that nationalism was bad and led to war. From World War II we added the bit not only that nationalism was bad — a reinforcement of it — but that it was particularly bad if those nations were based on blood and soil.  Though lately we seem to be going after those that aren’t either.

Yeah, WWII had the side effect of stopping the runaway fascination with eugenics for a time at least.  Then again, maybe it didn’t, because you know, lately the left has been returning to it, again, like a dog to its vomit, wanting to fund abortions in the third world and generally believing race equals culture, and that they should suppress or eliminate anyone they disagree with.

The Cold War…

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Asadabad and East River Range

I love these kinds of stories…


“Do US troops ever “police” their brass after a firefight in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why or why not?”

Short answer:

Unless at a range, there is no need to – we had better things to do.

“Story-time” long answer:

However, there are two occasions where the collection of brass was noteworthy.

The first took place in Asadabad, Afghanistan. We had landed not too long before, dropping off whatever VIP to do whatever they needed to do: meet with the troops, negotiate with the local imams, conduct routine checks of their folks… that sort of stuff. Our UH-60s had been shut down for about 10 minutes and we were chatting with some SF folks by the nose of the aircraft when all hell broke loose in the valley just beyond the refueling points. Small arms fire – calibers ranging from 7.62×39 all the way up to 12.7×108 – as well…

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Maslow and Conflict


Posted 10Sep19.

“Asking war veterans who have fought overseas, what do you want your fellow countrymen to know about the war that we civilians should know, but never talk about?”

You conflict us.

For those folks who haven’t served, your opinions and
commentary about present day conflicts we are directly involved in (Iraq,
Afghanistan, and to some extent, Syria) as well as those we aren’t (Ukraine, Yemen,
Somalia, Sudan, Lybia) place some of us in odd ethical positions.

I follow several respected people on social media: veterans,
active-duty folks, intelligence folks, professors of history, and people of
faith. Many of them have very solid perspectives on the nature of warfare, the
causes and effects of conflict, and the moral dilemmas of violence – both justified
and unjust. Their political and foreign policy views vary, but they all make
sense on some level – even if those views run contradictory…

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A Fitting Question…


“How many Veterans do combat and then later question the wars they participate in?”

Today marks the 18th anniversary of the September
11 attacks.

Over the years, I have mulled over my participation in the
Global War on Terror:

“Getting” It… Or Not:

That is ALL the display of patriotism I need to show, because all of this… [wave of the arm at all of the Mandatory Corporate Patriot decorations festooned about] …ALL of this will be forgotten in about six to seven months, but that sticker will still be there.”

Annual Reflections:

After a few moments of shared shock, as we tried to comprehend the implications of what was happening, I got off to start prepping my gear… reassembling and packing for the inevitable phone call.

Veterans Day / Armistice Day:

These experiences and training, by my calculations, has a price tag of over $19…

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A little known dave! Diamond fact is that I enjoy Country Music. Not the old style twangy, my dog died my wife left me and took my truck stuff. I like the “modern” Country Music. Which I realize make me a heretic. So be it. A year or so ag I came across a young gal who seemed to have that… special something. she was right on the cusp of becoming a star, and it was clear that she was paying her dues.

She died late last week in a car wreck.

And for a whole lot of reasons, I am having a very hard time getting past this…


Howard Shultz made the “courageous” decision yesterday to not run for President of the United States. Given that pretty much the only person with less support for President was Jay Inslee, it appears that maybe the nation isn’t ready for a Washingtonian Chief Executive. To make sure that you get his point, Shultz is blaming you for not supporting him. Which is why I really don’t care what Howard Shultz thinks about anything, including coffee.

Meanwhile, the MILSUPRWRITER brought up the story of the USS Pampanito and the amazing repairs of her leaking Ballast Tanks.

Which led me to remember a Howard that I actually do care about and the night that we had our own amazing adventure with Missile Tube 6…