So let’s get right to it… the President says that any Jew who votes Democrat is “disloyal” or misinformed. Jewish leaders are outraged.

Based on my inbox, many of you are in agreement with the President.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?


In the beginning, there was darkness. Then Captain Rickover showed up



Having served on board five nuclear submarines and having grown up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, there has never been a moment of my life that nuclear power wasn’t a fact of life.

Since returning to the area after my second career, there are many occasions where I run into people who either worked for one of the many companies related to nuclear propulsion or had a family member that was employed as an engineer or employee. Even my Uncle Jack Patrick was intimately involved with the program from the very beginning as a machinist for Westinghouse at a place called Bettis. Bettis, of course was an old air field near McKeesport that was taken over by the agency that ultimately created the atomic fleet.

So for me, it’s hard to imagine nuclear power and not think about the Navy and my hometown.

But it wasn’t always that way.


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Frames of Reference


In the middle of the 3rd take today, a great miracle happened there!

After rearranging the office and moving the desk, we sit down to talk about the idea that different people have different frames of reference. In reality, this is why people have different ideas of how to get where we all say we want to go. But it also a sticking point. If I cannot understand your frame of reference, or you cannot accept mine, then we are in for one bumpy ride and a great deal of disagreement.

Literally, Hitler


For several years now, I have followed a Page which follows the day-by-day events of World War II. Believe me, it is fascinating and it has been a learning experience. A couple of years back though, the writer of the page expanded to a new page – World War II 85 Years Ago, which covers the period from the late days of the Weimar Republic to the establishment of the Third Reich and all of the other things going on around it. Let me say, unequivocally, it is one of the most mesmerizing pieces of history that I have ever read.

We live in a world today where political opponents bludgeon each other with comparisons to the past. “Every One That I Disagree With Is Hitler” has become more than just a funny internet meme and a brilliant song. It has literally become much of the mindset of political discourse in this nation.

The problem is, of course, that virtually none of the people who hurl those quasi-history-based epithets at their opponents know anything about the history they are trying to use as a blunt force weapon. For the most part, their opponents don’t either. So instead of being able to deftly counter the accusation, they simply try to lob it back with the addition of a singular bit of historical fact that makes it sting in reverse. I’m rubber, you’re glue, bounced off of me and stuck to you!

In a world where the woke have decided that we cannot even make a reference to various evils throughout history, such as General Robert E. Lee, it’s okay for the woke to embrace the Nazi brand for their opponents. Nobody seems at all confused by this or even perplexed by its lack of logic.

We think that we have a firm grasp of the obvious and that we’re so much smarter than our forbearers. After all, goes the logic, they were slaveholders and Nazis, so they must be bad, right?

“There is always something to learn, even from your enemy,” said the Roman poet Ovid. But if all we (corporately) do is play the man and not the ball, how will we ever save ourselves from so many of the same mistakes that were made less than a century ago?

The Dawn of the Polaris Age – Pittsburgh and Bettis in 1960



The Dawn of the Polaris Age

“Those of us here today may not live to write this history, but we must be determined to shape it.”

Every once in a while, you find yourself in a historic spot and feel a little like there isn’t enough time to really understand the surroundings. Well, at least I do anyway. That happened the other day. The Navy League was supposed to be hosting a lunch for all of the local Sea Services commands and our original destination had a problem with a water line break. That caused us to go to another location called the William Penn Hotel Terrace Room.

I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and had seen most of the impressive buildings as a kid. But for some reason, the William Penn had never made it to my list. In retrospect, I am sad it took 65 years…

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Expanding Pockets

Some days, the jokes just write themselves.

I read in Smithsonian Magazine that scientists have discovered a “new species’ of leech in the swamps around Washington, D.C. seriously, they really did. After the obvious punch lines, I actually read the article, not just the headline. After all of that, I am not sure that they really discovered something new or if there has been a serious instance of reverse evolution in the swamps around Washington, D.C.?

Here Be Dragons


I’ve been creatively stuck over the last few weeks. Not because I have a lack of ideas – rather, like a piece of flotsam which cannot escape the turmoil of currents at the bottom of a waterfall, there has been too much going on too quickly for me to gather and post my thoughts.

Epstein, China, Google and the 2020 election (link provided as a reminder for a later post), mass shooters and their manifestos/motives…

Taking a moment to look back at my thoughts on conspiracies
and those who subscribe to such theories, I found that my ideas have never
really been specified:


Where is the line between skeptic and conspiracy theorist? 
Is there a difference in doubt and sensing possible disinformation?
Actually, it’s pretty genius – flood the internet with crazy talk and silver hats, and no one will believe anything ever again…

10Sep2016 (On the topic of…

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