Maslow and Conflict


Posted 10Sep19.

“Asking war veterans who have fought overseas, what do you want your fellow countrymen to know about the war that we civilians should know, but never talk about?”

You conflict us.

For those folks who haven’t served, your opinions and
commentary about present day conflicts we are directly involved in (Iraq,
Afghanistan, and to some extent, Syria) as well as those we aren’t (Ukraine, Yemen,
Somalia, Sudan, Lybia) place some of us in odd ethical positions.

I follow several respected people on social media: veterans,
active-duty folks, intelligence folks, professors of history, and people of
faith. Many of them have very solid perspectives on the nature of warfare, the
causes and effects of conflict, and the moral dilemmas of violence – both justified
and unjust. Their political and foreign policy views vary, but they all make
sense on some level – even if those views run contradictory…

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