Asadabad and East River Range

I love these kinds of stories…


“Do US troops ever “police” their brass after a firefight in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why or why not?”

Short answer:

Unless at a range, there is no need to – we had better things to do.

“Story-time” long answer:

However, there are two occasions where the collection of brass was noteworthy.

The first took place in Asadabad, Afghanistan. We had landed not too long before, dropping off whatever VIP to do whatever they needed to do: meet with the troops, negotiate with the local imams, conduct routine checks of their folks… that sort of stuff. Our UH-60s had been shut down for about 10 minutes and we were chatting with some SF folks by the nose of the aircraft when all hell broke loose in the valley just beyond the refueling points. Small arms fire – calibers ranging from 7.62×39 all the way up to 12.7×108 – as well…

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