Here Be Dragons


I’ve been creatively stuck over the last few weeks. Not because I have a lack of ideas – rather, like a piece of flotsam which cannot escape the turmoil of currents at the bottom of a waterfall, there has been too much going on too quickly for me to gather and post my thoughts.

Epstein, China, Google and the 2020 election (link provided as a reminder for a later post), mass shooters and their manifestos/motives…

Taking a moment to look back at my thoughts on conspiracies
and those who subscribe to such theories, I found that my ideas have never
really been specified:


Where is the line between skeptic and conspiracy theorist? 
Is there a difference in doubt and sensing possible disinformation?
Actually, it’s pretty genius – flood the internet with crazy talk and silver hats, and no one will believe anything ever again…

10Sep2016 (On the topic of…

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