So they fired first. Could you push the button in response?


I could have. I would have. Today I would probably think about it…


The aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis on America

I was in the second grade when the Cuban Missile Crisis broke. Over the years there have been a number of great documentaries about what really happened during the crisis, but even now, I am not sure I know what really happened.

The Cold War was well into its second decade and the threat of nuclear holocaust was very real very real. I distinctly remember having a lot of family discussions about what to do in the case of an attack and where we would all hide. Our brick house was built on a hillside but had a concrete basement. Pretty ideal for a nuclear attack according to the pamphlets from the Civil Defense people.

Food would be an issue. With five kids, food never seemed to stay in the hose for very long. The booklets talked about crackers and water…

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