Quotes from the founding fathers on science and reason

Sgt Scholar

Like a horrible case of swamp-ass, pseudoscience just refuses to leave today’s heated political divide. It seems like this divide has spread wider than the crev-ass of an adult film star about to earn a butt-load of money, except it is nowhere near as well-maintained. Butt, griping about this solves nothing, no matter how many cheeky puns I pound into this. I’m not so naive I have my head where the sun doesn’t shine.

head up ass

So, below are some quotes from a few prominent founding fathers about science and reason which I hope will at least play a minutely small role in draining the swamp-ass.

Will it fix everything? …No.

Will it fix a lot. …Also no.

Will it fix a sizable, small amount? Let’s face it, there is a better chance Dr. Cox from Scrubs will non-sarcastically compliment me for my work here and join me for a crayon cocktail.

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