Admiral Halsey on Chief Petty Officers

Tales of an Asia Sailor

Admiral Halsey on Chief Petty Officers

The following is a true story told to ATCS(AC) Jack Reese USN Retired by his uncle, John Reese, a journalist and novelist who wrote 34 books, mostly westerns. If you ever saw the movie “Charlie Varrick”, with Walter Mathau, this was from his book, “The Looters”.

AT the end of World War II, all the towns and cities across the country were looking for a “Home town boy makes good” person to celebrate the victory with. Los Angeles chose Admiral Halsey, whom it was rumored had done quite well. The ceremony was held on the steps of the LA county courthouse, and at the end of it when Halsey was leaving, they had a line of sideboys. They were active duty and retired Chief Petty Officers that had been brought in from all over the country. As he walked through the ranks, my uncle…

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