Midway Fire

Tales of an Asia Sailor

Midway Fire

MS3 David McCoy

June 20, 1990

Three dead, Sixteen injured

June 20, 1990, just another boring day out at sea, as the U.S.S. Midway cut through the ocean breeze. Sailors going about their daily tasks, drinking coffee and having a few laughs. Talking about ports and the women they loved. These, tip of the swordmen, were a cut above. When all the sudden the ship shook with a roaring and thunderous blast. Sailors looked at each other, and wondered, what was that?

The mighty ship shook beneath their feet, then the familiar sound of the 1MC. Flying squad report to the area, EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY, FIRE, FIRE! cried the voice. You could hear the sailors yelling, MAKE A HOLE, was the noise. The P-ways opened up like Moses parting the Red Sea, as the flying squad made their way to the scene.

Vierra, Johnson, and Kilgore were part of…

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