There is no George Washington in the Reason Revolution

Sgt Scholar

In 1776, the continental government declared the colonies were done living under the tyranny of King George III. Thomas Jefferson Declaration’s of Independence pretty much told ol’ George I’ve paid my dues, Time after time, I’ve done my sentence, But committed no crime. And like a chorus, the founding father stood up and said we will rock you! even if it meant losing everything to the crown and loyalists they would soon fight. This was a ballsy move because they were about to go toe-to-toe against the premier global power of the day: Great Britain. This bloody conflict was coming to a boil for years. But before haphazardly starting a war, efforts were taken to start a military in 1775. I wish had this much foresight in my early twenties, but I digress. In June of 1775 the Army was established, in October the Navy, and in November the…

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