Successes and Failures of the Korean War


If you had to choose one topic for each, what would you identify as the most successful U.S. effort and the biggest failure of the U.S. effort in the Korean War? By “effort,” consider a battle; a strategy; an example of great heroism or great failure; a branch of the service; etc. Explain your choices.

The most successful U.S. effort during the Korean War was
the progressively extensive utilization of airpower, namely jet aircraft and
medical evacuation as a force multiplier for ground efforts. Despite initial
reports of North Korean superiority regarding combat aircraft, and initial
effectiveness of anti-aircraft weaponry used against the U.N. air forces, the
Far East Air Force (FEAF) was still able to provide the mobility and force
projection necessary to prevent a quick North Korean victory during the war.[1] Air power provided direct
and logistical support to ground forces with the ancillary benefit of providing

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