Thoughts on Doctrine, Theory, and Flexibility

Julian Corbett is underrated…


“How did the requirement for you to analyze the contributions of the major military philosophers and leaders assist you in your overall comprehension of military history?”

“What military leaders or military philosophers do you think helped shaped History the most?”

Working within the topic of the American submarine campaign
of the Second World War, I have found that two theorists shaped naval warfare
since the beginning of the 20th century –Julian Corbett (1854-1922)
and Alfred Mahan (1840-1914). Like many theorists who had previously discussed
the importance and ideas of effective land warfare, Corbett and Mahan took the
concepts behind maritime warfare and reached very natural conclusions of the
effects of naval strategy can influence and dictate military and diplomatic

Theory and practice are two distinct and differing realities
of war. Both Corbett and Mahan agreed on one point – the goal of naval warfare.
Corbett maintained that “the…

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