Feelings vs Reality

There is a truth that nobody really wants to talk about. The truth is that Women’s Professional Hockey leagues are never going to compete with or even be truly comparable with the NHL. You can argue it all you want, but nobody is going to pay NHL or even ECHL ticket prices for Women’s Professional Hockey.

Look, I am not saying that women can’t play. In fact, I’ve played with some outstanding women players – at the amateur level. All I am saying is that when the rubber meets the ice, physical and biology will always rule.

At the same time, the very existence of Women’s sports is being called into question by the introduction of transgendered men into the game. Despite what Wisconsin Congressman Pocan says, it really is about men playing women’s sports and absolutely dominating them. Because in many sports, particularly contact sports, men are on the average, bigger, faster and stronger. It’s not misogyny, it’s biology.

But if it puts butts in the seats, more and more Pro and College Sports Programs are going to be more and more open to transgender athletes…



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