Emotional Pliability

“[T]he more insane things get, the more the insanity becomes obvious to those who choose to pay attention… “


I’m going to start with a quote from one of the minor characters
from 2009’s reboot of Star Trek, Ambassador

Emotions run deep within our race. In many ways more deeply than in humans. Logic offers a serenity humans seldom experience. The control of feelings so that they do not control you.

One of my previous posts – “Political Red Shoes” – has been resonating in my mind like a tuning fork stuck between two concrete notes. The idea behind that post was solid, but I have been shadowed by the idea that I may have been missing a key point in the process of finishing it up before Ms. Fussypants once again demanded my attention.

Today, I feel like I may have stumbled upon that missing
angle: the emotional pliability which comes from emotions like anger, hatred,
and fear – all of which are…

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