Black Holes: #5 Fuzzballs

Rationalising The Universe

Fuzzballs are believed by string theorists to be the true quantum description of black holes. Put forward by Samir Mathur of Ohio State University in 2002, fuzzballs are giant, compact star like objects comprised entirely of intertwined strings. String theory is a theory of quantum gravity, for a recap seeĀ How long is a piece of string. These seemingly cuddly and cute entities are actually proposed to be very powerful indeed and in their suggested reformulation of black holes, are supposedly able to resolve some of the biggest problems within theoretical physics.

To understand fuzzballs we must first remind ourselves of the key properties of black holes. Earlier posts in the Black Holes series (#1, #2, #3, #4) at RTU cover these fantastical features in more depth, but in a nutshell they are defined by two key features. Firstly, the event horizon, the barrierā€¦

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