Political Red Shoes


Media has a dizzying pace.

I caught myself wandering and wondering over headlines of
the not-so-distant past:

“What ever happened to the bomb guy – the one who had sent all of those package bombs to political folks?”

“What were the results of the investigations for some of the recent mass shootings – did they ever find a true motive?”

“Did the Keystone pipeline ever get resolved/completed?”

“…Did they ever resolve who did shoot J.R.?”

Okay, that last one was added simply because my mind, once
bringing up questions, tends to reach for reasons to be sucked into the
internet. Give me a break – I have to
try to have some sort of levity in these posts.

Even a seemingly honest question from a friend can be
inevitably wrapped up in the controversy barely controlled by the media:

What in the hell has happened to journalism? Like actual journalism……

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