Who Decides? | Plausibly Live

Source: Who Decides? | Plausibly Live

When I raised my hand and swore my oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, there was something that I did not do. and I assure you that if I am ever elected to public office or appointed to a public trust, I will do the same thing I didn’t do before again.

Why Not?

Because that is what “no religious tests” means.

Back in 1960, the State of Maryland, which has a long history of religious tolerance, found itself the defendant in a lawsuit against its requirement that a public officer confesses a belief in G-d and eternal judgment. From its founding in 1634, Maryland had always prided itself on tolerating religious beliefs across the spectrum.

The problem is, that tolerating religious beliefs didn’t leave much room for those who weren’t of the same or at least similar Christian beliefs…


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