The Emergency Meeting: January 1, 1959


The Emergency Meeting: January 1, 1959

The following transcript, (heavily redacted for security reasons) is a record of an emergency meeting held at the office of Manpower for the United States Navy Bureau of Personnel on New Year’s Day 1959. This meeting was held in the strictest secrecy and portions of the meeting have only recently been declassified. The first ballistic missile submarine, George Washington SSB (N) was nearly completed with a large number of boats following close behind.

Meeting purpose: uncertainty about where the Navy would come up with enough submariners to man the rapidly expanding fleet.

{Sounds of footsteps walking anxiously through the empty passageway echo loudly until they come to a stop in front of a large ornate wooden door with several stars on it. The smartly dressed Captain that manages the submarine manning section knocks on the Admiral’s door. From inside :}

Admiral: “Enter. Let’s get…

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