Holiday Throwbacks – A Thousand Idiots

Plausibly Live


Back in the day, (in this case, 2013), we would present the annual Anti-DUI Show. The purpose was simple. We would try and show you that after a few drinks we were utterly incapable of operating a radio show. A drinker is incapable of driving, and yet, every year, people drink and drive. From politicians (I’m looking at you, Ben Hueso, who conveniently “forgets” to mention it on his bio) (and you as well, Kristen Olson) to average working stiffs who seem to forget that they are supposed to be smarter than that.

Sometimes I feel like it is a waste of time since some idiots are going to do it anyway and kill and maim good people for no reason other than they are stupid. But if it reminds one person not to drink and drive, then I hope it is worth it.

So… back to…

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