Ben loves science.

He spent an hour today figuring out the properties of dry ice and why it makes “smoke” as it melts.

He hasn’t quite made the leap from science to faith. He’s eight, and he questions things that I took as facts well into my adulthood.

But he wanted to stay awake until midnight to try and see Santa Claus. He doesn’t understand why we call him “Santa Claus,” nor why other countries have Krampus and Frau Pestcha. But he believes that Santa is coming tonight.

He can’t work out the details of how he can visit every house, but, on his own he determined that it “must be some kind of wormhole effect.” Santa uses time travel to deliver gifts.

He believes in Santa, so he accepts things he cannot explain.

He does have faith after all. But he didn’t stay awake to see if was true…


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