Bad Suns look at the bright side in dream-like “Away We Go” video—watch

Bad Suns shine bright in their new video for “Away We Go.” The band are teaming up with AP to premiere their brand-new music video. The California indie–rock quartet recently signed with Epitaph Records and shared the new single, which was their first music released in over a year.

Source: Bad Suns look at the bright side in dream-like “Away We Go” video—watch

With a triumph of color, rhythm and light, Bad Suns take their fans and spectators through a world full of natural elements and youthful sentiments about the uncertainty of the future.

“‘Away We Go’ is about finding an optimistic outlook amidst chaos. That comes with taking a good look at your life as well as everything happening around you,” the band says. “Every day comes with trial and error, and there’s a certain beauty to the idea that frustration or failure really can lead you to a better place.”

The dreamy imagery seen in the video was heavily inspired by installation artist Bruce Nauman’s Tate Modern exhibit. The artist uses a variety of media to capture an array of visuals that exist out of this world.

“The aim [of the video] was to capture the urgency of the music and lyrics while infusing different styles of imagery we were being inspired by as we made the album,” the band says. “The song made it easy for us in the sense that we knew it should be a lot of fun.

“We also knew we wanted to see the band playing in these decorative, dreamlike locations. There are vast, open moments of clarity juxtaposed with these claustrophobic shots, which work together in really evoking the spirit of the track.”

Check out the new video below.


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