What Happened to History? | Plausibly Live

Smithsonian Magazine has asked the question as to why there are fewer people studying history? There are any number of reasons why ranging from all the disciplines are ‘down” to people like me don’t want to pay a hostage ransom to get a piece of paper that says we know something. but history is deeply personal and meaningful to me. History isn’t just dates and places. It is people. It is seeking that connection with people, from as long ago as there were people right down to today…

An earthquake has hit Alaska

The Senate voted to end the US involvement in the war in Yemen. The weird part is that some people are surprised that five Senators had been lobbied by Saudi Arabia and voted against the resolution. The only question in my mind is how much the anti-Saudi folks paid for their lobbying efforts?

Source: What Happened to History? | Plausibly Live


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