Missionary slaughtered by protected tribe after trespassing on their island to preach | Metro News

Typical religious hubris. “The ‘laws’ don’t apply to us, we has Jesus telling us what to do!”

This clown is being mourned and praised when he should be a reminder of the stupidity of human beings who think that they are better than others. I believe in a G-d who is capable of taking care of these people Himself.

How much do you want to bet that this guy didn’t have his vaccinations either? Well.. he probably did, given that he was an international traveler, but do you think that thought ever crossed his mind?

There’s no way that he actually believed that somehow or another G-d wanted him to do this. Consequently, this was a self-planned suicide-by-others of a very sick man.


Source: Missionary slaughtered by protected tribe after trespassing on their island to preach | Metro News

US missionary John Chau died after landing on a remote island in a bid to preach Christianity to the protected Sentinelese tribe who live there ‘He was attacked by arrows but he continued walking. The fishermen saw the tribals tying a rope around his neck and dragging his body. ‘They were scared and fled but returned next morning to find his body on the sea shore.’ Chau’s friend Neil MacLeod told MailOnline that the missionary had been planning the trip for at least three years – and that he was ‘committed’ to preaching to the Sentinelese about Christianity. MacLeod, of Stornoway in Scotland, said he first met and bonded with Chau after spotting him reading religious literature on a flight. He explained: ‘I saw him reading some Christian literature and I’m a Christian and we started talking. ‘He mentioned that he wanted to go to these islands, the islands where he has now died. ‘I had heard of these islands and I know how dangerous they are, so I was surprised by that.’


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