Argentine sub found partially ‘imploded’ after yearlong search

Argentina has confirmed the location of the wreck of the ARA San Juan, lost a year ago with forty-four souls.

The reports are that the ship is “partially” imploded, with the forward section apparently somewhat intact. This would imply (to me) that the forward section(s) were flooded prior to collapse depth, with the after section(s) still intact and secured watertight until the final moment. I have believed from the early days that induction flooding might be a cause, possibly caused by electrical failures which interfered with the operation of the Head Valve. Under normal conditions, loss of power would have caused a Head Valve to fail shut.

There are far more questions than answers at this point. But the first step has been accomplished, now we may find answers. Or we may never know for certain.

May G-d bless and we always remember the 44 submariners who lie in the wreck of ARA San Juan.

 Lord God, our power evermore,
Whose arm doth reach the ocean floor, 
Dive with our men beneath the sea;
Traverse the depths protectively.
O hear us when we pray, and keep
Them safe from peril in the deep.

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – The Argentine Navy submarine that went missing a year ago off the country’s Atlantic Coast was found by a private company involved in what had been a massive search for the vessel and its 44-member crew, the defense ministry said in a news conference on Saturday.

The ARA San Juan submarine was discovered by marine tracking contractor Ocean Infinity, 907 meters (2,975 feet) below the ocean surface. The vessel was found in an underwater canyon with its tail partially “imploded,” Argentina’s Defense Minister Carlos Aguad said.

Given the poor visibility at the site, the ministry said it only had preliminary information about the state of the submarine, which was scattered in pieces on the ocean floor.

Aguad could neither confirm nor deny if the vessel could be recovered, but said the government did “not have the means to extract the submarine.”

The disappearance gripped the nation’s attention as the government struggled to provide information about the tragedy. Relatives of the crew still have questions.

“We have found them,” Jorge Villarreal, father of one crew member told local radio. “Now we are going to search for the truth. For us this is the start of a new chapter.”

Aguad said: “Much of what happens from here will have to be resolved by the justice department. If there is someone responsible, they will be held responsible.”

At the time of the disappearance, the Navy said water that had entered the submarine’s snorkel caused its battery to short-circuit.

Naval officials said international organizations helping to search for the missing vessel a year ago detected a noise that could have been the submarine imploding, just two hours after its last contact.

The first anniversary of the submarine’s disappearance was commemorated at the Mar del Plata naval base on Nov. 15, with President Mauricio Macri in attendance.

The crew had been ordered to return to Mar del Plata on the country’s east coast. But the vessel was never heard from again.

Source: Argentine sub found partially ‘imploded’ after yearlong search


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