What grinds your gears as a veteran that civilians don’t understand?


Posted 8Nov2018.

I have to use last years’ data due to the inaccuracy of data for this exact moment…

In 2017, the U.S. population above the age of 18 was approximately 251,047,650. That same year, the veteran population was around 18,204,605. This means that roughly 7.25% of the eligible population has served in the Armed Services.

Yet, every time there is a shooting involving someone who, no matter how remote their connection was with military service, the media has a field day in quickly painting us with their sloppy and broad brushes of inaccurate stereotypes.

Think about that 7.25%… That’s all veterans – combat veterans, those who deployed but never left the base, and those who never left the country.

Just because someone has served does NOT imply that they are ticking time bombs of PTSD-fueled rage. If PTSD is the main part of the equation, then that brings…

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