Silence Will Not Protect You | Plausibly Live

Halloween was an enormous success.

Normally it would be Constitution Thursday, we spent all of Monday discussing the President’s threat(?) to end Birthright Citizenship via Executive Order. There continue to be arguments and Social Media posts, and they will continue long after this has been forgotten as yet another unfulfilled political promise.

Let me be clear – whether I agree with the concept of “Birthright Citizenship” or not, is not relevant. The ONLY question on the table today is whether or not I accept that the executive, be it Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,  can change one hundred and twenty years of accepted Constitutional interpretation or not. Secondary to that is my concern that if one accepts that he or she can, do you really want – do you really believe that the Framers meant – to have a country where that can happen?

A trend I have picked up upon among younger Jews after Pittsburgh is that they are frightened to publically demonstrate their faith. Older folks have recognized the need to openly demonstrate the faith. Chabad has called for thousands of Mezuzah’s to be placed on our doorposts. The fear is nothing new, nor is the hatred that leads to the fear. But the one thing we cannot do is hide. As the lessons in my favorite book in the Tanach, we cannot think that we will be safe by remaining silent…

Source: Silence Will Not Protect You | Plausibly Live


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