For the love of G-d, THIS IS NOT GEORGE SOROS.

It is Oskar Gröning, an SS Clerk who did the accounting at Auschwitz. 

Three things:

(1) It literally takes less than 60 seconds of actual research to discover this fact

(2) You are dishonoring those murdered by ascribing their deaths to someone who did NOT commit them and ignoring the evil that did commit them. 

(3) You look like an idiot for posting this.

We get it, you don’t like George Soros. That said, your dislike of Soros does not make him Oskar Gröning. Mr. Gröning was a Nazi who stood by and did nothing while thousands were murdered in front of him. He said nothing, did nothing, just kept his head down and “followed orders.” While his actions later in life might be worthwhile, there are many who do not accept them as sufficient to expunge his crimes.

Every time that you blame Soros for Herr Gröning’s sins, you tell a lie (it’s a sin (lashan hara) even for Christians!) AND you minimize and excuse Gröning for his actions.

For the love of G-d, STOP IT! STOP POSTING THIS B.S.


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