For something akin to 20 seconds today, I actually considered buying tickets to see the final tour of KISS in the Tacoma Dome.

I wasn’t in the KISS Army or anything, but over the ensuing forty years, nostalgia has grown to the point where for a few moments I thought that I would actually enjoy sitting in a large auditorium normally used for sports that I actually enjoy but would never pay to sit in to see the games and listen to fifty-percent of the original KISS ensemble strut out in their insane makeup that once upon a time made my parents believe that they were demonic hell-raisers but now is not even on the radar of what is considered “radical” or even “crazy.” In fact, today KISS is regularly played on “Soft Rock” stations and in elevators. 

Times change. We change with the times, I guess.

So I arose from the couch, went to my computer and logged in to the tickets website. Remember when you could see KISS perform for something like $8? Even in 1973 that was expensive, but not insane.

Yeah… welcome to the final chance to make a few hundred million dollars before we retire to our palatial mansions to live out our days in splendor and comfort that you cannot even imagine tour.

Seventy-Five bucks (plus taxes and “convenience charges”) PER ticket to sit in section 207.

So… I have Apple and Amazon Music and an iPad and an Alexa.

Alexa… play KISS…


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