Hate, History and Hope | Plausibly Live

I am a different person than I was on Shabbat morning. Hours of reflection, consideration, meditation, and contemplation lead to a different person.

We see the results of the hatred, but do we really see the hatred itself? Do we understand its history? Do we still have hope?

Three-quarters of a century ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions of others around the globe were sacrificed to defeat fascism and it’s goal of annihilation of Jews. Now, at least in part, the same monstrous evil rises from the ashes and begins the same work. “You cannot compare eleven people to the Holocaust, Dave,” comes the text message.

Actually, you can. And more importantly, you should. The Holocaust did not begin with gas chambers and ovens. It began with one thing and one thing only. The same thing that started the events of Saturday, October 27, 2018, in Pittsburgh.

The. Exact. Same. Thing.


Source: Hate, History and Hope | Plausibly Live


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