Spammers, Spies & Soda | Plausibly Live

More “bombs,” more questions…

The recent reports of the Facebook “hack” seemed to alarm people. For about an hour. It should alarm you still, not because it was a “hack,” it wasn’t. It turns out that there was hardly any effort at all. Mostly because we are stupid. Is my own Social Media use affecting my son?

Canada is our friend, right? So…  why are they helping China, which we call “Red China,” to install an underwater tracking system right off one of our biggest and most important Naval Bases?

Taxes are intended to de-incentivize things. Tax smoking, people are supposed to smoke less. That’s how it works, right? Except that we know that it really doesn’t. Cigarette taxes have done little to reduce smoking, but they have enriched governments to the point where they don’t really want people to stop smoking anymore. Income taxes simply cause rises in pay, which increases the income taxes. And now we have the Seattle Soda Tax. It was predicted to raise about $10 Million. Seattle was waaaaay off, and now they cannot figure out what happened. All this as Ballot Prop 1634 rides the wave of advertising to passing in Washington State.


Source: Spammers, Spies & Soda | Plausibly Live


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