Hurricanes and Caravans | Plausibly Live

As far as Hurricane Willa goes, no, it was NOT sent by the Deity, whichever one you claim to “Stop the Honduran Caravan.” If G-d worked that way – that is to say as a “Push button” response to your wishes, then we’d have a bigger problem than 4,000-15,000 “immigrants,” as it would mean that you might start calling on Him to smite those who disagree with you. That would be a problem because I’m pretty sure that my version of G-d would smite you in reply.

Seriously though, there are a whole lot of other problems with this Caravan that go beyond the question of what G-d thinks about it.

For example:

How long does it take an average person to walk from the Mexico-Guatemala border to, say, McAllen, TX? According to Google Maps, it would take an average person 366 hours to make that walk. Assuming that is an eight hour day, that means it would take 45 days to make the walk. That would put the Caravan at the Us border on or about December 5th, a tad late for the Mid-terms.

So if we postulate that the purpose of the whole circus is to reach the border before the Mid-terms, the distance would have to be covered in 25 days, which would mean the caravan would have to cover a bit more than 45 miles a day. Again, assuming an 8 hour day, that’s basically a good jogging pace.

In my mind, it is virtually impossible for the entire, or even a significant part, of the caravan to reach the US border by Election Day. Given that, the likelihood of any US action to close the border before then would be entirely unnecessary. Meaning that President Trump wouldn’t need to take any action before Election Day. So, what exactly is the purpose of this circus?

Is it possible that both sides are wrong about it?

A mailer in a Washington State Legislative District is urging “progressive” voters to write-in a candidate who is not running for the office. On the surface, it appears to be from disaffected hard-line progressives who are tired of milquetoast Democrats not being insanely left enough. On the surface, that is… Dig a little deeper and what might you find?

Source: Hurricanes and Caravans | Plausibly Live


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