Is It Autumnal? | Plausibly Live

I had a really great experience this weekend when I met a US Navy Fighter Pilot who flew F-8 Crusaders off the USS Hancock* during the Vietnam War. It was a reminder of how extensive the Cold War really was and how on every front, the Russians had to be confronted, usually because they wanted to be.

We – corporately as a society – spend so much time in our virtual world of echo’s that there is literally no thinking anymore. We are told what we are to believe and we almost never question those who we have accepted as our virtual lords and masters. And when we want autumnal mead instead of Bud Light, we get put (metaphorically) in the stocks with rotten tomatoes thrown at us instead of having a discussion.

We see evidence of this each and every day. From a Congressional race wherein it’s no longer about what the district in question needs or even wants, to whether or not a Journalist, by which I mean occasional columnist, makes any difference now?

Even the story of a Saudi Columnist for the Washington Post murdered by the Saudi’s is being presented to us in a way that makes no logical sense. Why? Because it divides us.

In Brooklyn, a bunch of self-titled Witches gathered over the weekend to “curse and hex” Justice Kavanaugh – and others who have angered them. In San Jose, the official Catholic Church “Exorcist” announced a special Mass, presumably to combat the people who are “directing the evil to have a permanently adverse effect” on Justice Kavanaugh (and others). Others have answered by declaring that they would “fast and pray” to “defeat” the curses and hexes.


Source: Is It Autumnal? | Plausibly Live


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