A few days ago while getting ready for the show about Sara Sanders, I ran a test Press Conference on my Facebook page. There I was asked two questions that I really want to answer, the first of which was: Did the years you spent assisting the homeless make you more compassionate or less?

Although many people who listen to me talk about the homeless would assume that I have become less compassionate towards them, the actual answer is neither more nor less. Why? Because for all those years the one thing I have realized is that nobody is really interested in addressing the real problem. All that is done is spending money on pretending to care solutions that make governments bigger and more expensive while doing nothing whatsoever for the actual homeless…


Lessons for Life

It is absolutely remarkable to me how many of these I remember (some with a little prompting) and how much they still apply to my life each and every day

There is no George Washington in the Reason Revolution

Sgt Scholar

In 1776, the continental government declared the colonies were done living under the tyranny of King George III. Thomas Jefferson Declaration’s of Independence pretty much told ol’ George I’ve paid my dues, Time after time, I’ve done my sentence, But committed no crime. And like a chorus, the founding father stood up and said we will rock you! even if it meant losing everything to the crown and loyalists they would soon fight. This was a ballsy move because they were about to go toe-to-toe against the premier global power of the day: Great Britain. This bloody conflict was coming to a boil for years. But before haphazardly starting a war, efforts were taken to start a military in 1775. I wish had this much foresight in my early twenties, but I digress. In June of 1775 the Army was established, in October the Navy, and in November the…

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Damned Yankees

In case you missed the news, and you probably did, Rachel Dolezal thinks that is is important that you know that she is bi-sexual. Seriously… this is “important.”

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Lake County Forest Preserve has decided – or maybe they haven’t – to end the “Civil War Days” program which included a re-enactment of the war and an encampment with a living history display. Why?

Well… it’s the second decade of the 21st Century. So the answer is that is causes “offense,” including Confederate Battle Flags and history with which one Angelo Kyle disagrees. Plus it doesn’t promote Global Warming Awareness.

I’m serious.

Now, at the end of the day, which is more important? That we “be aware” that an opprobrious liar is “bi-sexual” or that the citizens of Illinois, who once upon a time provided thousands of troops to the Union, will be denied a chance to learn about that history because “history is written by the victors?” You might think that one is more important than the other. But we are being told, over and again by those who want to run society that it’s the other.

There’s a bigger problem with these Civil War controversies. Statues and flags are not it. We have forgotten one very important thing…

Speaking For the President

Recently it was announced that the Presidential Press Secretary, Sara Sanders, would be resigning from her position. On one political side, there is rejoicing tempered by the realization that they will automatically hate anybody who dares to stand in front of the White House Press Room without regard to any actual skills or personality. On the other side, there is also excitement as potential replacements are flung about on Social Media as a replacement that would please them.

The reality is that the Press Secretary, once a needed buffer between the President and the press, is no longer needed let alone meaningful. Press statements are not delivered under oath, so really, why bother at all?

The Dungaree Uniform


Tales of an Asia Sailor

The Dungaree Uniform

When Sailors Looked Like Sailors

Why did Sailors wear blue denim aka dungaree uniform?

ANSWER: The blue denim uniform, dungarees, was the Sailor’s working uniform.

In 1901 regulations authorized the first use of denim jumpers and trousers, and the 1913 regulations permitted the dungaree uniform to be used by both officers and enlisted with the prescribed hat of the day.

Officer’s engaged in aviation introduced the khaki uniform and eventually it was the accepted working uniform for officers.

Chief Petty Officers were, in time, allowed to don the khaki work uniform.

As a junior enlisted….dungarees were my favorite uniform….it was a sad day for me when they replaced the dungaree uniforms.


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Successes and Failures of the Korean War


If you had to choose one topic for each, what would you identify as the most successful U.S. effort and the biggest failure of the U.S. effort in the Korean War? By “effort,” consider a battle; a strategy; an example of great heroism or great failure; a branch of the service; etc. Explain your choices.

The most successful U.S. effort during the Korean War was
the progressively extensive utilization of airpower, namely jet aircraft and
medical evacuation as a force multiplier for ground efforts. Despite initial
reports of North Korean superiority regarding combat aircraft, and initial
effectiveness of anti-aircraft weaponry used against the U.N. air forces, the
Far East Air Force (FEAF) was still able to provide the mobility and force
projection necessary to prevent a quick North Korean victory during the war.[1] Air power provided direct
and logistical support to ground forces with the ancillary benefit of providing

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